Knitting on some fingerless gloves off the top of my head. I’ve been using this as a learning experience for understanding patterns. While knitting I try to keep track of the number to do alternating ribs and decreases and when to knit in circular and when to stockinette to create the thumb hole. I also think I may go back and pick up stitches to put some length on the thumb hole.

I know that these are all things I could easily learn on the internet or a class but I am so much the kind of person who has to walk through the mental process. Tonight I’ve gotten to the ribbing at the base of the fingers. Also, I started this project using cotton yarn even though I knew it would not hold its shape. I just really loved the colors and wanted to make something not a hat, scarf or shawl with it. Once I have all the details I’m going to try again in wool.